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                  J. P. Copoulos, Architect has managed a diversified Architecture practice since opening for business in 1989. The firm has pledged to maintain a small business practice committed to servicing a few clients at a time in an attentive manner. The firm has been extensively schooled in programming and research allowing us to tackle any unique building type with confidence and the knowledge that the project will be technically correct within the most economical design. 


                  The Design philosophy at J.P. Copoulos, Architect has always been to study solutions from multiple scenarios and let the client, together with the design team, decide on the most appropriate solution taking into account environment, aesthetics, costs, and maintenance. This assures successful projects that maintain their time line toward completion.


                  To achieve the goal of remaining a small firm we have kept abreast of the latest technological advances in our industry so that we can do more with less staff. To this end we have established in house 3d computer modeling capability using the Building Information Modeling system available with Autocad Revit. Photo realistic rendering capability is available in house.


                  Project management within our firm is the positive link that connects the talents of the various consulting disciplines to a building project. Foremost is the communication that takes place within the team to achieve success. , J.P. Copoulos, Architect has the expertise and long term working relationship with their design team to provide the client with the attention, staffing and commitment required for a successful project.


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